Joint Statement by Greek Political Party Leaders

The beginnings of a deal are here. One wonders what the hell the Greferendum was for.

The Greek Analyst

Following the result of yesterday’s referendum, where the Greek people responded with a resounding ‘NO’ to a highly ambiguous (and void) question, the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras called for a meeting with the rest of the political leadership in the country. After making his request official yesterday night, at the President of the Democracy, Prokovios Pavlopoulos, the President called the meeting earlier today at the Maximos Building.

What follows is the joint statement released after the conclusion of the meeting, translated in English. You can find the original statement (in Greek), here. Updates (perhaps) to follow, as more info comes in.

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3 thoughts on “Joint Statement by Greek Political Party Leaders

  1. Greferendum helps Tsipras not to be blamed if (read: when) the situation in Greece becomes really bad. Thus he can say “It was your choice”.

    I fear it’s just beginning…
    Will there be a deal? I think so. But will it be what Syriza is looking for?
    Let’s wait and see


  2. I didn’t see this move by Tsipras as the beginnings of a deal as much as a recognition by Tsipras of the likelihood that Germany would play extreme hardball over the next week, and bring the banks to the brink of collapse, or push them into collapse. Pre-emptively, I think he wanted to have a commitment to national unity on paper, and also throw a spanner into the works of the “regime change” from Germany. It was all domestic sandbag placement.


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