IMF and Greece, the breakup


The IMF has been on its way out of the Greek Rescue programme for a while now.

The band-of-bandits of Mr Tsipras is getting ready to celebrate ousting the IMF. Before you join in the dance in Syntagma Square, listen to my podcast on what the IMF is, what it does and what it did (and did not do) in Greece.

This is a February 2017 lecture on what the IMF is and what it does. The discussion on the role of the IMF in Greece is from 44’30” onwards.

Enjoy and feel free to comment using the discussion options in this post.



One thought on “IMF and Greece, the breakup

  1. I remember. 2009. Our Minister of Economic Affairs Jan Kees de Jager told us, every euro we get back with interest. We all knew that he was lying. And our Prime Minister, Wouter Bos said, that will definitely happen, because we demand that the IMF participates. And again we knew he was lying!

    Greece with its cheating-fat-lying-bastards getting jobs for their cousins politics. Good description.
    But I think the IMF is not the panacea for Greece. And, therefore, they maintains the status quo, but that is no solution.

    Frankly, I expect Greece back on the agenda after all European elections. (we have election 15 March.) And I think they will kick Greece out of the eurozone. And yes, it will be a disaster, but on the long term maybe a blessing for Greece.


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