700 days

A letter from the not too distant future 

Autumn 2018.

The King has just finished his public broadcast. The monthly ritual established since Charles ascended to the throne continues unabated. People chuckle and say that his hour long tirades are like a posh Chavez. I beg to differ. They are difficult to watch regardless.

I bought some euros again today. £1.60 to the Euro. I knew I shouldn’t buy currency anymore, but since bank charges for international transactions went up, I have no choice.

Theresa May was yelling in the Commons again. I got used to her, but can’t stand the sight of Farage in the front benches.

Didn’t go to work again this morning either. The centre is closed as the police tries to contain the riot. It’s been better than the north though. Manchester has been a mess.

There were skirmishes on the border with Scotland. Trucks try to run through the new EU border on B roads. Drivers get violent when stopped. 

It doesn’t matter anyway for us really. We will be back in Athens in a week. Managed to get a ticket, dear though it was. Greece is still unstable but with a 25% drop in GDP over 8 years, it beats England.

Sad thing is, if we could get a mortgage now, I could buy anything I wanted on the street. Another auction sign went up yesterday.

Anyway, I am optimistic. We had a good run of things, couldn’t have lasted forever.



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