What would be worse than Labour losing the next election?


What would be worse than Labour losing the next election?

The answer to the above question is: Labour winning the next election.

I am no friend of the Tories, the right, Brexiteers. But I can tell you one thing, observing recent history teaches us that when the likes of Corbyn and his team take power, bad things happen.

The obvious parallel with Corbyn’s Labour Party is Greece’s Syriza. The hard left that we thought extinct is alive and kicking. Not only that, but in dire circumstances, like the Greek crisis, or the Brexit coming rupture, it is capable of taking power.

Why should we fear Corbyn and his brand of reactionary, resurrected hard left? Again, Greece is a good example. While the left says the right things and pretends to want the right things, it is both incapable of delivery on its promises and more often than not dishonest.

Behind the facade of interest for the common man often hide people hungry for power. Not only are they hungry for power and privilege, they are so sure of their own ‘goodness’, they will stop at nothing in taking for themselves what they think they are owed. Add to this a belief that the system is corrupt, that the traditional elite is illegitimate and the usual Marxist mumbo jumbo and you have the perfect mix: A group of people who will wreck havoc on the very people they claim to represent.

Tsipras and his comrades in Greece have demolished the western, modern character of the state (there was one, albeit flawed) in their year and a half in power. They have stolen and pillaged with the belief that they are better than anyone that came before them, purer, newer, more correct. When faced with the consequences of their hypocrisy they replied: The others have been doing this for 40 years, it is our turn.

To add insult to injury, they are incompetent even in their piracy. There is corruption and dodgy dealing everywhere, but there is a difference in level, extent and (if you want) finesse. There is a difference between an overweight gourmet and an obese glutton. I am not trying to excuse the ill-takings of previous administrations here. I am trying to show that the hard left does the same, more of it, worse of it, with less attempt at hiding it. It steals and robs and gloats about its moral superiority. Oh, and it cannot govern on a very basic level. It is staffed by people who are rabid ideologues, yet incompetent in administration. See Varoufakis as a great example.

Greece’s Syriza left is an abomination. Further more, it is undemocratic. We learned in practice what was predictable in theory, that people who disdain the institutions of the state, that see everything in terms of conspiracies and plots, have little respect for democracy itself. Ask Minister of Propaganda Pappas.

Corbyn’s ground-up, ‘movement’-led operation is staffed by people of the same mentality. Agitators cannot govern. They do not even want to, most of the time. Hopefully they do not get the chance.

The reaction of supporters of Corbyn’s win has shown what they are made of. There is a lot of the familiar, we won, you shut up attitude you get from the victorious Leavers (people of similar mind-frames). You do not want this newly energized mob coming anywhere near Downing Street.

What should the PLP do? It should defect to the LibDems and help build an anti-Brexit (or in any case anti hard-Brexit) coalition of centrists. What should sensible center left voters do? They should quit Labour and also join forces with the LibDems in opposing any plans for a catastrophic hard Brexit. Everything else can wait. The future of the Labour Party is irrelevant. The future of the country matters to all.




2 thoughts on “What would be worse than Labour losing the next election?

  1. What a load of rubbish. You can’t say British people are corrupt because Greek people are. This is just dangerous and irresponsible ramblings. You urgently need to get out of your Westminster bubble and talk to normal people. The normal people are those whose job it will be to call to account those potentially corrupt Labour politicians voted into power at some as yet undetermined point in the future. The Tory voters are not doing a good job of stopping their corrupt lords and masters from stealing the family silver and this should worry us far more than a movement calling for socially responsible politics.

    You have been against Corbyn and his brand of social politics which seeks to care for people from the get go, and you have been completely blinkered. I get frustrated with Corbyn and his desire to unify Labour by bringing in those traitorous Blairites who abstained against the welfare bill and then stabbed him in the back and carried out the Chicken Coup, but this is due to Corbyn’s desire to mediate and facilitate consensus rather than imposing doctrine like the Tories have been doing (austerity which has been shown to be seriously flawed in UK as well as in Greece). Your dismissal of Corbynistas is disgusting and thoroughly reprehensible.

    This is not worthy of a MBA tutor. We are taught to critically and neutrally examine aspects. You are not doing this. You have adopted a position (which amounts to nothing short of “against Corbyn because Varoufakis”) which you continue to seek to defend. I appreciate this blog represents your personal musings, but I expect better. When dissecting complex legal issues you competently take them apart and explain the ramifications, I’d like to see you use those core skills when postulating about how a socially responsible, caring left-wing led Labour as promised to and recognised and responded to by the previously apathetic voting public.

    The continual pursuit for “the centre ground” has led to indistinguishable political parties and a Labour party that was further right than the perenially evil Maggie Milk-Snatcher Thatcher. There appears to be a desire for diversification and separation in politics – leading to sound-bite single-policy dangerously xenophobic parties in UK (UKIP/EDL/BNP) and Germany (AfD) and a rise in social politics (Podemos, Spain; Syriza, Greece and Jeremy Corbyn in UK). There is a reason for this (perhaps a realisation that the unfettered greed of rampant capitalism has not been good and instead of delivering a wider middle class has actually made the 1% richer and the 99% significantly poorer) – I would ask you to consider this and other potential root cause(s) and provide insight as to how a JC led Labour party can address this going forward, or if as you suggest, the Blairite Neo-liberals hiding amongst the Labour Party should defect and set up a new centre-left Labour-Lite party (the centre-right Lib-Dems are probably dead for at least a generation anyway thanks to their enabling of the Tories).


    • While your tone is inappropriate I am replying to you. I would have agreed with what you said in late 2014. However I have now seen what the ‘revolutionaries’ do once in power. I have crash landed onto reality if you wish. I do not wish for the UK to share the experience.


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