Waging war on the people

What would you think of a government that purposely pursues policies against the public interest?

How would you characterise a populist leader who seeks to take back control from foreign elites, who uses vague exprestions of the popular will to carry out whole scale reforms?

How would you feel if you were part of a minority held to ransom in an attempt to force foreign governments to wield concessions?

You must imagine that I am talking about Turkey and Erdogan’s attempt to crush Turkish dissent after the failed coup. I am not. I am talking about Theresa May and her brand new Brexit government.

Brexit is against the public interest. It will have unaccountable economic consequences. It is based on lies and false dichotomies (EU vs the world). It is fed by misconceptions, populism and racism.

May is using the advisory, narrowly won Brexit referendum as an excuse to rain down fire on the nation. The Tories have chosen to elevate this destructive farce to a democratic imperative. They made the choice.

The minority I am talking about are not Kurds or Christians in Turkey, they are Europeans in Britain.

It is aparent now that the right wing establishment wanted Brexit not because it could care less about Europe,  but because it wanted the chance to remake the country without any opposition. Do not be fooled by proclamations of May’s supposed interest for those left behind. Wolves may offer speeches on vegetarianism, but they do not intend to change their diet.

The Brexit Tories with their business friends and far right supporting lackies are out to demolish Britain as we know it. The sleeping leftists of Corbyn are not interested as they hope to man the barricades of symbolic resistance as the place burns down. They are not interested in preventing catastrophe, they wait for the historic inevitability of socialism as all their apocalypse loving fanatical mates across the Channel.

All this should be obvious to the 17 million who voted for their own destruction. Seeing as they refuse to accept it, one could take the view that they deserve to suffer the consequences of their choice.

What do you think?



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