A deal my Leaver friends cannot refuse

Ok Leave won, hats off to the team that pulled this off. It certainly touched a nerve. The Remain side did a God awful job. But, let’s see where we are at.

Leave promised a bunch of things including (but not limited to) continued access to the single market, limits to immigration and economic stability.

We have the following: an end to the recovery, projected recession, a choice of either access to the single market or immigration control, certain Scottish secession and possible trouble in NI again.

You can try and ignore the above as you dismissed warnings before last week, but I think you won’t.

So here is the deal. If Leavers agree to Remain we Remainers will do the following:

1) Make sure the Tories do not starve you to death by creating a horror “Singapore by the Channel” Thatcherite neoliberal dystopia (otherwise known as the Gove vision).

2) Campaign for and deliver a rethink of Europe.

You strongly said Europe doesn’t work for you. We grumbled for years that it does not too.

Here are some of the things that can and will be done:

We need a strict separation between the Eurozone and the rest of the EU. We need a permanent end to enlargement. We need a return to the core of the four freedoms and less centralisation. There is almost majority support for this across the continent.

We can deliver this from within with a UK leading the vision for a different Europe. You will remain unhurt by the Tories in the meantime. You have though to accept the four freedoms with no caveats.But don’t worry too much, the state the Referendum result  brought the country in means much reduced interest in coming here from anywhere else.

If you do not want this you deserve your impoverishment, you did enough to earn it. But you do not need to burn the house down to tell us it’s not nice. Join the call for a General Election so we can put in charge of these platforms of change those legally entitled to choose a course for the country, the MPs.

You can always choose dystopia at the ballot box, but you can choose better as well.



2 thoughts on “A deal my Leaver friends cannot refuse

  1. mikenetherlands says:

    You are right Yannis. And, although Yanis Varoufakis was the most lousy economy minister out of the modern history, he is compleet right that a campaign for and deliver a rethink of Europe is needed.
    Why? Because this is not a British problem, this is an European problem. Britan was only a symthom, nothing more. Like fever.

    The first step in my opinion: kick Juncker and Donald Tusk out. Not Dijsselbloem, the man always siad that Juncker is totally unsuitable for the job. From the first day on. (And some thinks more about alcohol abuse.) And that the EU is a train which can not be stopped. So, Dijsselbloem is absolute not the intellectual lightweight, as claimed by Yanis, in my opinion.


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