Remain Alliance


We are all upset, we are all angry, we are all panicked.

Those of us who voted Remain have lost our country. The Britain I asked citizenship in was a tolerant inclusive place. The place where I lived my entire adult life was a place I was proud of, where I felt free and safe. This all changed.

I live in Barnes, on the other side of Hammersmith. The same Hammersmith that has become a target for racist attacks. The Polish Centre where my kid’s school had their end of year show last week has been vandalised. People had swastikas painted on their cars.

This is not the country I swore allegiance to. This is the country Mr Farage and his fascists have been dreaming of.

Those on the Leave side have a lot to be angry for too. They voted Leave, yet Britain does not seem to be leaving. The conservative party and labour seem to be changing leadership, but not much more is evidently happening politically. A lot of things are happening economically. They are all bad. The self-imposed recession, augmented by spending contraction and tax increases to keep to the Conservative agenda,  will hit the poorest (and their regions who voted Leave) the worst. This is something to be angry about.

As a dual European national I am also offended. I am offended that I do not know whether I can stay together with my family. Yes, Leave seems to have been motivated by hatred of ‘foreigners’ in this case Europeans, but the campaign always assumed the rights of current residents will be protected. Today in Parliament Mr Cameron refused to ensure this. Is this to spark a revolt in London against Leave, or is it to use our families as hostages in the negotiation with Europe?

To go back to the Remain side, we have reason to revolt. We have something to defend, the Britain of modernity, not the racist hovel of the 1970s frustrated leavers wish to recreate.

This is my country as well, you hear?

You may be native born, living in an estate for generations in the North in poverty, viewing me as an alien metropolitan elite, but I will not abandon this fight and leave. You will have to fight me and all like me for this, and it will take more than a 1.9% majority in a referendum.

I have explained in an earlier post that the best way to fight this fascist coup is to hold an immediate general election. Leavers have to gain from this too. If a Leave majority emerges it will be able to form a proper government able and willing to carry Brexit through. You want an added sweetener? If this happens I will pack my bags and leave too. I gift you the country if we have one last fight – a general election.

I call for a ‘Remain Alliance’ of everyone wishing this country to remain the Great nation that it is.

This Alliance can fight the election with the single goal of preventing Brexit and saving the Union with Scotland and Northern Ireland. The Liberal Democrats are asking for an election, but not yet for a grand alliance. This is what we need. Labour can defect, or break up, or die, I do not much care so long as its people, MPs and the Unions support the Alliance. Once the Remain Alliance is victorious it can stabilise our relationship with Europe and the regions, restore the economy to normality and then it can resign so elections can take place on traditional party platforms, if this is required.

Brexit is an existential threat for the nation. We cannot lie down while the country disintegrates because Mr Farage and Mr Johnson lied and tricked enough people to vote for their self-destruction. We will not.

There is a practical step for this, something you can do to help. There is a way you can resist.

I have submitted a petition to Parliament to debate a motion for an early general election. This is required by law. The petition did not make it onto the Parliament website as another one had just been accepted on the same issue. I urge you to support this petition. 

Support a Remain Alliance to save our country!

My petition had the following wording:

Parliament to debate a motion for an early general election in 2016

The advisory EU Referendum has returned a result that is at odds with the composition of Parliament that emerged from the May 2015 General Election. The majority of MPs cannot be obligated to legislate the steps to leave the EU against their expressed beliefs as to the interests of the country.

The advisory nature of the EU Referendum means that there is no legal compulsion for Parliament to legislate activation of Art. 50 TEU which begins the process of UK exit from the EU. The current Parliament was elected on a mandate not containing a promise to leave the EU. The conflict between the democratic will of the people as expressed in May 2015 and June 2016 can only be resolved via an early general election, for which the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act 2011 requires Parliamentary approval.

Thank you


7 thoughts on “Remain Alliance

  1. Helene says:

    I don’t know who you are, I don’t know your story. But I know I have lived here for over 20 years and always thought of Britain as my home. The referendum has changed that. I could apply for citizenship (actually had been thinking about it for some time) but now think (call it principle) that I should not seek to gain that citizenship out of fear. I was once SO proud of living in this country and calling it my home (when I never felt much connection with my birth country). Now I am torn apart. I no longer feel proud to say I live here. I haven’t stopped crying and tbh I really can’t think of a future outside the EU. I feel alienated. Friends, colleagues and others aim to reassure me – that all the taxes (and never taken a single benefit payment) I have contributed, all the work I have put for the country’s benefit, will be recognised and protected…. But they all hold a British passport so actually, right now if you are an EU national residing here you are feeling double vulnerable. I am so depressed I can’t even begin to explain it. I can’t move on. I feel that misinformed, p**sed off people have put in a protest vote, (whilst I didn’t have the right to vote despite paying into the system for over 20 years and taking practically nothing out of it) and I got caught in the crossfire. I can’t begin to describe how I feel but it’s very very low and if you are half clued up you will know what that means. Anyway. Just grateful for this post – as for most of my life I always thought that giving loads and asking for practically nothing meant you would never be in a bad situation. How wrong I was.

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      • Helene says:

        Thank you for acknowledging my post. Still crying and feeling helpless which is rather odd when I am otherwise known as a tough woman. Parallel world.


  2. mikenetherlands says:

    I don’t know if you have to cry Helene. I don’t hink THIS EU has much of a future.
    In my opinion it will fragmented. I agree with Varouvakis, something must chance. I don’t know if his DiEM is the answer, but ok.

    In 2017 we have elections in Holland, and Wilders Party for Freedom will be the biggest party. A Nexit is absolute possible, not only his voters want that, about 48% of the Dutch people want to leave. So, if Holland is leaving the EU at the long run it will not be a big surprise to me…. And that will be the end of the EU.


  3. Helene says:

    Hello Mike,

    Thank you for your comments. I understand the frustration, I understand the anger. But it comes at a price. The price right now is 3 millions of us being held hostages by the UK government who firmly intends on using us as bargaining chips in its negotiations with the EU. And another 1.2m or so of Brits (many vulnerable pensioners) held equally hostages in various European countries. Parliament seeking reassurance and commitment from the government for us here failed miserably, even though there was cross-party consensus on the issue to do the decent thing and guarantee indefinite right to remain for those already living here. The UK government is simply not budging. Home Secretary – and favorite in polls as next Prime Minister – didn’t even bother to attend the session (presumably too busy working on her election campaign). Hate crime has flared up, Polish children are victims of abuse in their schools, yet I was in town earlier (I am one of the lucky white skinned ‘blend in’ immigrant from 25 years ago with an acquired British accent who is not an obvious target) and it’s business as usual. People are watching tennis at Wimbledon. Wales are celebrating their footbal achievements. Meanwhile 3 millions of us are silently quivering with fear. So, mikenetherlands, crying is the least of my worries. I am actually in the lucky category in that I can still act based on my principles even if it tears me apart. Others with family commitments do not have that luxury. I urge you and others who think that ‘regaining their national supremacy’ is what they want: it comes at an extortionate price and you don’t know what that is until you are right in the thick of it.

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