An Open Letter to Leave Voters


Dear Leave voter, whatever is wrong with your life is not Europe’s fault. It is YOUR fault.

I am upset that immigration has become the central theme of this referendum. Of course this was predictable and indeed predicted. Very few politicians have made with conviction a case in favour of immigration for a long time, and certainly not the Labour party. The LibDems are in favour but with caveats. The Greens are the ones strongly and principally in favour, and this is why I have voted for them since the early 2000s.

Let me ask you this. Do you have a problem with immigration?

Do you see a lot of foreigners about? Does that bother you? In case you do, I am going to try to explain this without branding you a racist. Yes, it bothers me too that there are communities here that seem to disrespect key British values, but what are those values?

Ask a French person what France stands for and they will have no problem telling you. They will probably say things like secularism, equality of citizens, freedom and solidarity. Whether this works out in practice is something else, but the above are core to their identity.

What are considered key British values? I should know, I passed my life-in-the-uk test recently. These re listed as Democracy, the Rule of Law, Liberty, Tolerance, Participation in community life. Let me add a couple more: Meritocracy and Entrepreneurship. These don’t always work well, but they are defining to the character of the country.

While I may dislike certain people at certain times and disapprove of their choices, I am letting them be, because this is the British thing to do. This country does not ram its version of Britishness down people’s throats.

Yet this referendum is changing all that, by this sordid focus on migration. Do you dislike foreigners? Do you mind your Greek dentist? No, of course not. Do you mind your French lecturer? Not really (depending on marks). Do you mind your Polish plumber? No. the Bulgarian girl at the café? No. Who do you mind?

Do foreigners come here to steal your jobs? Do you need someone to blame your failings on? Is it the fault of the Poles you cannot get a council house? Is it the fault of the Greeks you cannot get a job and have your benefits cut? It is YOUR fault. Not because you are poor, or ill-educated, or unlucky. It is YOUR fault for voting in the Tories TWICE. It is your fault for empowering the people that screw you over and over and over again, because you are so gullible you have been made to believe it is the fault of ‘migrants’.

All this is YOUR fault.

Do not compound your problems by voting for the people that have, do and will screw you by giving THEM back control.

Voting LEAVE disrespects British values.

Vote Remain



One thought on “An Open Letter to Leave Voters

  1. I had a similar conversation with someone in Athens recently. I regularly have this conversation with Cypriots, in Cyprus. This is universal. The immigration issue has not upset me. Perhaps this is because I have lived here my whole life bar the first few months, was born British and have never been anything else. People will blame the ‘other’ if they can identify it. The immigration issue has been there all my life and I had to deal with the consequences of Powell’s ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech at school. You get used to it.

    What has really disturbed me is the anti-intellectualism of this campaign. This is new. Gove, Johnson, IDS, Grayling etc have made book burning respectable. This is dangerous and will have lingering repercussions whatever the referendum result. When they ‘burn books’ then anything can become internalised as true. Then we are in trouble and not just the ‘other’.


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