Questionable burials and necrophilia

I reckon there is something seriously odd with traditional tales. Take Snow White for instance. I just read a non-disney version to my kids and wish I had stayed with the movie version.

There are a lot of odd things here if you think about it, but this one takes the biscuit.


The dwarves return home to find Snow White dead. What do they do then?  They bury her you ask? No they don’t, they place her in a glass coffin (Lenin style) and leave her in the open on top of a hill. WTF?

Guess what happened next… you know what happened next. A necrophiliac prince comes by. Sees the decomposing  (?) corpse in a glass coffin on top of the hill and thinks “I am having some of that”. He proceeds to unpack Snow White and kisses her. At which point she comes back Lazarus style and falls instantly in love.


They agree to marry as is the custom when fondling a corpse and everyone lives happily ever after.

We read this crap to our kids and then we wonder why they grow up to believe nonsense.



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