Three reasons to dislike Corbyn


You would think I would be the perfect Corbyn supporter. Lefty pretence, academic writing on the evils of neoliberalism, anti-Tory, blah blah blah. Yet I am not. Here are the three main reasons why:

1) Man-of-the-people BS

Because fanatical corbynistas keep telling you what a nice working class boy Jeremy is, doesn’t mean it’s true.

I had the chance to see the man in the flesh at the latest UCU conference. Apart from everyone slobbering over him (he is in fact closest than most to our Union’s positions), I did not see much that distinguished Jeremy from every other career politician.

Polished, professional, lifeless performance. On-message soundbites. No questions. Because Jeremy is so friendly, he wanted to chat with the audience rather than take questions. Better shaking hands Bono style than answering Brexit questions, hey?

Natalie Bennet was way better then Jeremy, period.

2) The damn Referendum

Jeremy now supports Staying-In does he? He speaks about it with such conviction (not). He has been dragging his feet because he is not a friend of the EU. You know what Jeremy? I am not a friend of the EU either, but leaving is a horrible deal for the nation. Grow some and go out and say it- every day- all the time.

If Leave wins I will blame Corbyn.

3) Government is like porn

The experience of the ‘first left government’ of Greece has taught us there is a pronounced gulf between what the radical left thinks it can do once in government and what actually happens.

Think of it this way, one may enjoy watching porn, but would find actual participation a bewildering, nasty experience. Ask Mr Tsipras.

The fact that Corbyn is accosted by the likes of Varoufakis and Mason worries me no end.

Mr Corbyn may be well meaning, or not, but if Labour wants to survive 2020 it needs a different leader.

Today’s election results being a not-as-bad-as-everyone-thought ‘success’ tells you what you need to know.




3 thoughts on “Three reasons to dislike Corbyn

  1. If Leave wins I will blame Corbyn.

    Maybe that is a bit too fast. No doubt America teaches us that Hillary has more chances and maybe more influential support then Sanders. The rest is shaped and shapeable always to a certain extend. How did Varoufakis turn up as minister of economics in Greece by the way? I don’t know either Corbyn or Mason and so far paid little attention, admittedly.

    The fact that Corbyn is accosted by the likes of Varoufakis and Mason worries me no end.

    Does he plan to hire any of them as advisers? Hmm, seems to have already happened.

    “Mason announced in February 2016 that he was leaving his position at Channel 4 in favour of freelancing so he could engage more fully in debates on the political left without the constraints of impartiality placed on broadcasters in the UK.[11]”

    I wish I could believe in the Utopia of a post-capitalist universe. Which doesn’t mean I don’t share some of the hopes. My basic instinct tells me though, the opposite pole of utopia is dystopia. And money shapes public opinion. Still. At least in democracies.

    But it feels that from Varoufakis’ long term EU strategy the British have to remain in the Eurozone. If I may take a slightly cynical shift: after all someone has to fund a European wide social fund without any requirements concerning earlier contributions to whatever local funds. The more recalcitrant Eastern countries and a series of others can not easily contribute too much. Tax money as opposed to speculation money needs to first be earned.

    More in a cynical vein: this no doubt could free capital for investments. No doubt. Limits of the trickle down theory??? Social investment has reached by now quite noble circles in the UK too. And Mason may well be more of a realist then he looks on first sight. Freelancing?

    The economist and someone that may be able to shape the tale? After all, Varoufakis can contribute knowledge/experience above pure economics on how to fake a public referendum ending in the wished for result. (Ok, I am still cynical, and I guess I shouldn’t be)

    Take care Ioannis.


  2. This should look like this, what happened? OK, I seem to be using html tags less and less.

    Does he plan to hire any of them as advisers? Hmm, seems to have already happened.


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