When in a hole stop digging Mr Tsipras


In the spectacular experimental comedy show that is the Syriza government, not a day goes by that one does not utter the phrase “Kim press the button” imploring the Dear Leader of North Korea (or anyone with nukes, we are not picky) to put us out of our misery.

The latest cause for despair has been the way in which the government is dealing with Greece’s intractable unemployment problem. Apparently the government is piloting a scheme of radically reducing unemployment by hiring in state jobs the extended families of syriza supporters. Nuts you say? Cashews say we. After all ,the ‘others’ have been at it for ages, now is the turn of the new kids on the block to sort out their nearest and dearest.

Today’s example is some syriza youth member who reportedly got hired, along with everyone in his family. When challenged by the press he said that his family had fought for the left for ages, from the civil war onwards. Eh, OK. I guess being left means that you are both morally superior and owed a state job as reward for ideological purity through the ages.

Of course all this could be inflamed by anti syriza media, including the scandals of ministers, the dodgy contacts, the jobs for supporters, the dismantling of independent institutions and opt outs of transparency mechanisms etc etc. Or it could all be verification that the glorious “first time left” came to power in order to rebuild the 1980s with themselves in charge, but without the money. I fear its the latter.

The result is disgust. After the client state built by PASOK, the corruption reign of Karamanlis junior, to be faced by this fiesta of political capture, in these economic circumstances, is obscene.

The legacy of syriza is the reigniting of long forgotten divides between left and right, the sacrifice of modernity in favour of Ottoman practises. Everyone talks of the civil war, of the losers coming back to get their share of the spoils. But there are no spoils to be had. The end outcome is hatred. The left hates Syriza for its betrayal, the right hates them for the revenge they extract. No compromise, no collaboration, only animosity. As Mr Tsipras intended, but to what end?

Tsipras will ride his helicopter out of Saigon in the end. I just hope he will stop digging the hole we are in any deeper in the meantime.




One thought on “When in a hole stop digging Mr Tsipras

  1. mikenetherlands says:

    Good conclusion! There’s a lot that one could say about Tsipras, but indeed, he is creating jobs!
    It’s an embarrassment for the Greeks the way Tsipras and his government are acting at the moment. SYRIZA is a party of unionists. The state sector divisions are there child, streamlining the public sector with SYRIZA is impossible.

    I don’t really know what Tsipras his goal is. One thing is for sure, not to make Greece to a modern European country. And that is a real, real shame.


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