Happy Birthday iglinavos Blog

blogI would like to thank all followers of the blog and @iGlinavos on Twitter for your support. A special thanks goes to all who participate on discussions on the blog.

I launched the blog on 6.1.2015 as a diary of my views on Greece and its troubles, and as a forum for discussion with people around the world. 201 posts after, I am pleased that this effort has attracted interest.

This past year has been fascinating for the blog and the #GrexitDailyNews section within it. I will do my best to keep it up and I hope you will keep coming back to discuss with me.

grexit daily news



2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday iglinavos Blog

  1. Lea Nitwit says:

    Happy blog birthday, Ioannis,

    I was close to whatever type of mental meandering on your earlier melancholic entry.

    In any case it would have probably ended with a link to my favorite Rembetiko song. Mainly since it surfaced associatively Seems my login to WordPress is gone, for whatever technical, economical or update reason. Now unfortunately my aka LeaNder is gone. Somewhat got used to it.

    Maybe I should link now to this song and drop whatever mental meanderings were on my mind earlier?

    At Thomas’

    Song may have been written by Stavros Yarchakos for the film Rembetiko by Costas Ferris

    Take care and the very, very Best.


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