Surrealist Governance and Opposition


What happens to a democracy when the government of the day faces no opposition? Nothing good is the answer and Greece is a case at hand. I will attempt to substantiate this and offer a warning to the British Labour Party.

Syriza in Greece won the September election and then a strange (albeit predictable) thing happened. All and any opposition to the government dissipated. How is this so, you may ask. Hasn’t Syriza denounced its leftist pretensions, betrayed its programme in favour of a new Bailout?

Yes it did, but no one says a word about it. The right (ND and -apologies- PASOK and Potami) with the policy of Euro uber alles cannot complain about attempts to implement the Bailout terms. ND tries some complaining about choices in the consolidation measures, but lacking leadership (especially after the botched internal election) it is becoming irrelevant.

The left? Surely if Tsipras moved to the right a gap must have opened on the left? No it didn’t. KKE remains in Stalinist obscurity and the Syriza splinter faction has all but died, as the Greek people are a nation of have-your-pie-and-eat-it that wouldn’t countenance the Grexit they were advocating. As to movements and unions, they have been co-opted by a government that feels no shame encouraging people to join general strikes against it, with the argument that it strengthens its position against the hated creditors with which it is eternally ‘negotiating’.

The result is a farcical unopposed governance of stupid stunts (eg. Tsipras tweets) and utter incompetence in every single area of activity. One watches with morbid fascination daily lashings of daliesque surrealism, as if the whole administration were an experimental comedy show worthy of Noel Fielding.

What is the warning to Labour? Corbynistas increasingly reveal themselves as detached from reality, fanatical, dogmatic and so, so very righteous. This is exactly the mix of horrors that breeds monsters (or monuments to comedy, depending on your perspective) like Tsipras’ Syriza. As Labour degenerates into introspection and infighting it offers no opposition to the Tories, in the same way that the midgets of ND offer no opposition to Tsipras. The UK is a mirror image of Greek politics with the same result, no opposition. A bad outcome for everyone involved.




2 thoughts on “Surrealist Governance and Opposition

  1. mikenetherlands says:

    The most stupid thing is to divide everything in left and right politics. Greece needs competent politicians, not trade union idiots. The KKE is bunch of dreamers and idiots. Syriza almost the same, although there are some skilled politicians. (For example Euclid Tsakalotos). But what about Panos Kammenos? The coalition partner of Tsipras?


  2. An article in eKath:

    > The director of the Elpis General Hospital in Athens expressed surprise and dismay Thursday at his dismissal while on a fund-raising trip to the United States.

    > Thodoros Giannaros, known for establishing the Germany-based Griechenlandhilfe organization that campaigns for donations of hospital equipment and materials, told Kathimerini Thursday that he was fired over the telephone following a two-and-a-half minute interview with the new review board set up by the SYRIZA government to evaluate civil service workers.

    > “They asked me what the ratio between payroll, supplies and medicines was in the budget, and that’s it. I told them that was information they could find in the hospital’s records.”

    > He stressed his surprise at the decision, saying that he has no political affiliations, adding that during his tenure as the head of the hospital he has created three new clinics and brought in donations of important equipment from Germany, the US and elsewhere.

    It’s a disturbing story. I think the Greeks ought to ask questions about such seemingly arbitrary firings. What is that review board, who’s part of it, what are their qualifications, what’s their mandate? Do you know anything about the background, Ioannis?


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