Idiocracy and twitter


What do you call it when the Prime Minister tweets questionable messages to a fellow PM while visiting their country for an international summit?

Lets have a look at the exchange and judge for ourselves.

Tsipras, the Greek PM, tweeted from his personal account in Greek the following:


And then through his English language account, with the help of Google translate it seems, he posted this:

tsipras ENG

Then, surprise surprise the Turkish PM responded:


The ‘managers’ of Tsipras accounts then proceeded to remove the English post, left the Greek one and posted on the Government account this:


What have we learned from this exchange? First, it seems that Tsipra’s accounts are run by monkeys, or perhaps a couple of IT savvy goats.

Secondly we learned that the Aegean is an issue to discuss with Turkey. Ever since the Lausanne Treaty that ended the Turkish-Greek war in 1923, Greece has refused to discuss the Aegean arguing that there is no problem to discuss. It has been a cornerstone of Greek foreign policy that there is no territorial dispute in the Aegean for almost 100 years. Yet yesterday Mr Tsipras told us there is something to discuss.


Here are the BBC and Guardian accounts of this event.

How do you feel?



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