Ersatz Left and Forgotten Dreams


What is the point of a left government without left governance?

Lets reflect for a moment what the left was about and what it was supposed to bring to Greece beyond the economic.

The left represents openness, it represents social progress, liberaltion, equality. Greece is a deeply regressive state. The church dominates education, gay rights are ignored in practice, family life is deeply patriarchal, religious and ethnic minorities are ‘tolerated’ at best.

The left of Mr Tsipras had opportunities on all these areas. We need a revision of the constitution to formally separate church and state, we need religious education (the bastion of propaganda and prejuduice) excluded from the school curriculum. We need the compassion of the left to counter nationalism and fanaticism.

Syriza in its frankenstein collaboration with far right ANEL has no interest in any of this. Syriza embraces the church, keeps education religiously defined, exempts the church from capital controls.

Syriza organises junta like feasts and national pride events wasting millions in parades and military stunts.

Syriza ignores the plight of refugees, playing along with a far-right exclusionary agenda, failing to confront the inaction and inactivity of the EU on the ONE issue it could occupy the moral high ground. Alas, it is Mrs Merkel that has become the champion of humanity in Europe.

What a betrayal of the values of the left.

Mr Tsipras is content to play Papandreou without the money, or the charisma. He is an ersatz Papandreou that replicates the worst of the ‘establishment’ practices he supposedly opposes. He gets jobs for his supporters (see FinMin cleaners being given court jobs). His ministers proclaim to work for their voters (less than 2/5 of the vote in an election where almost half the population abstained). Mr Tsipras ignores corruption and glosses over allegations touching Syriza members and government ministers, while at the same time interfering with independent authorities. Mr Tsipras is content to legislate using emergency processes, something he decried while in opposition.

And you know what the laughable thing behind all this is? The ‘Best Government of All Time’ is not even meeting the milestones of Bailout 3, which makes it very likely that no further payments will be made, re-opening the credit crunch- deflationary vortex that swallowed the country this summer.

Failure, lies, betrayal, “Defteri Fora Aristera”




4 thoughts on “Ersatz Left and Forgotten Dreams

  1. Wow!

    You pull no punches. You give it to us raw and you give it to us rough.

    This article is brilliant. Short and sweet (sour?) and right into the guts! (are you sure your field is law?)

    And you know what? That is how it should be.

    The article is about Greece, but it could have easily been about any other Southern European country. Our politicians are becoming worse and worse and the citizens are letting them get away with it.

    If we are really intent on pulling ourselves (Greece, Spain, Portugal…….the EU) up and out of the mire, then acknowledging our reality is what we have got to do first.

    It’s time to really face our demons.

    Portugal is next………….will the Left get their boulder to the top of the hill or………


  2. Dreams can’t come true if the numbers aren’t right.

    Getting elected is (unfortunately too often) the art of selling pie-in-the-sky. Gov’t is the art of getting the public budget numbers right. Politics (in the democratic sphere) is the art of being able to do both. Ultimately, when push comes to stove, the proof of the pie is in the numbers, not in the sky.

    It’s often instructive to analyse human societies from the SCM paradigm, with SCM representing three pillars of authority (or power, if you will).
    S stands for State.
    C stands for Church, which could be any more-or-less organised religion(s) or sect(s).
    M stands for either Military or Mafia.

    S is about legal order, mostly (or at least ideally) based on rationality.
    C is about spiritual values, supernatural beliefs or superstitions.
    M is about armed force and coercion.

    What is left when S fails? Something to ponder indeed.

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  3. A hint to the radicals in the Greek gov’t: below is the kind of political interference in public function that doesn’t go down well in democratic Europe. If that’s the sort of democracy that Syriza has in mind and wants to teach to Europe, we don’t want it.

    It’s hard to believe that ninety percent of state hospital directors are objectively incompetent and must urgently be replaced by “better” staff, subject to selection by a “special committee”.

    Most state hospital directors to go after failing

    eKath> A number of state hospital managers will be removed from their positions in November after failing to pass an evaluation process, the government said on Friday.

    eKath> Alternate Health Minister Pavlos Polakis said the government has received the results of the assessments and will be seeking to replace most of the hospital managers in the next few weeks.

    eKath> “The vast majority will leave based on the marks they got,” he said. Kathimerini understands that around 10 percent of officials will remain in their positions after being deemed to have done at least satisfactory jobs.

    eKath> Caretaker administrators will be installed at hospitals where the managers will be removed while the government invites applications for the vacancies and a special committee assesses the candidates. The process of appointing new hospital directors is expected to take around three months.


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