NAFTA redrawn via TPP?

Trans-Pacific Partnership: Renegotiating NAFTA by the Back Door –


One thought on “NAFTA redrawn via TPP?

  1. I’m not sure what Kevin ought to think, but I’m sure the debate will heat up when the latest news from Holland hits the UK newspapers.

    As from 1 july this year the Dutch are allowed to demand a referendum on a certain question.

    In the past, a threshold of 300.000 signatures might have been an obstacle for such a demand.

    To-day, with social media involved, that”s a piece of cake. In a couple of weeks more than 400.000 signatures in favor of a referendum have been gathered.

    When approved, this means that within 6 months a referendum should be held on the question if we agree with the fact that the EU has signed an associations treaty with Ukraine.

    The referendum is advisory, so the government can ignore the outcome, but that will recall bad memories. We have been asked before. About a European constitution and rejected it.

    Only to find out what we rejected was now incorporated in the Lisbon treaty.

    However, this time it is about a treaty and if this successful I can already guess what will be the next one. TTIP.


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