Greek Election: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


Here is the actual result of the Greek election of 20.9.15. I was way off in my prediction yesterday, for better or worse. Here is a preliminary analysis of what this result means.

The Grexit favouring parties (Golden Dawn, LAE, KKE) have managed 15% of the vote (much less than the 25% I anticipated). Does this mean that the threat of Grexit is receding? Syriza and ANEL emerge triumphant from this election, with a total of 155 MPs (145 for Syriza and 10 for ANEL) their unholy alliance survives. The two parties who came to power in January by promising to rip-up the Bailout MoUs are now to govern to implement another MoU. The people who made a living out of decrying selling-off to the creditors, begging on all fours, capitulating in shame, are supposed to implement the terms of the summer Bailout. The wise Greek people elected them to do exactly that, so they must know something.

KKE and LAE have fared badly. It seems that the trend I observed when I visited Greece this summer, “hide behind a frappé and pretend nothing is happening” has sunk the parties that openly advocated a return to the national currency. The Greeks prefer to imagine that prideful resistance, without actually risking Grexit is a way forward. Mr (all-hat-and-no-cattle) Tsipras will continue ‘negotiating’ with the Europeans till they give him the free lunch that he believes he deserves.

PASOK has fared better. Perhaps this is nothing more than the effect of absorbing the Papandreou splinter party and DIMAR, a moribund centre-left relic of a couple of elections before. Potami is one of the serious losers of this election. Potami seems to be going the way of the aforementioned DIMAR. Theodorakis had distinctly failed to project a serious proposal in these elections. Any party that adopts the policy “vote for us first and learn what we want to do later” like it did in January, does not really deserve more than a few percentage points. In this election, where who would be first was so important, Potami saw its power dissipate and mostly repatriate to ND. ND survives to fight another election (perhaps soon, judging from Mr Tsipras penchant for renewing mandates every few months).

EK (Enosi Kentroon or Union of Centrists) of TV persona Leventis is not worthy of serious discussion. He gains 9 MPs as the Cicciolina of Greek politics.

The big black blotch on the political landscape are the neo-Nazi primitive thugs of Golden Dawn. They came third. Those who voted for them make me feel ashamed for being Greek. There is no excuse for voting for these swine. NONE.

This election, as predicted, solves nothing. It renews the mandate of a band of incompetent populists to talk and talk while the country sinks. Yet again, this is the grandeur of democracy: The people are free to choose their executioner. I pity those who voted for Greece in Europe as a partner, not as a beggar and cheat.

Good night and Good luck


We don’t have Cicciolina, but we have Leventis



14 thoughts on “Greek Election: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

  1. Tzon says:

    I think you are wrong to dismiss Leventis. Finally there is one voice in parliament who dares to suggest that Greece as a nation may actually be partially to blame for the position it finds itself in today. He may not be capable of running the country (unlike whom?) but he is Greek and lives in Greece which make his critisism of his homeland legitimate in the eyes of the populace. So maybe, just maybe if his views get a little more peak time exposure the penny might drop for the large section of Greek society who keep their heads firmly buried in the sand that perhaps the crisis was not after all a preordained plot formulated by beastly foreigners to get their hands on Greece’s assets.

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    • Having listened to Leventis since the early 1990s, I find it difficult to see him as anything else than a lunatic. Anyone who has a daily TV programme for 25 years is likely to have said some sensible things within a torrent of nonsense. Does not make him suitable for an MP. This is not to say of course that the scum of Golden Dawn are worthier, or people like Haikalis (previous Parliament).


      • mikenetherlands says:

        To get Greece in the euro in the first place was stupid, maybe criminal. The euro was a stupid, misguided plan.
        But it was not a plot formulated by beastly foreigners to get their hands on Greece’s assets! Greece is an very expensive problem for us, taxpayers. Nothing more or less. That is absolutely not the fault of the Greek population, but of european geopolitics and Greek politicians.

        Leventis is living on another planet. Don’t ask me which planet. Varoufakis has at least some logic, Leventis has not. Ore maybe has has, but I never found it.


      • mikenetherlands says:

        @ Leander, Vassilis Leventisis a phenomenon. Teling complet nonsens. But it always ends up that the politicians are crazy or have to get a terrible illness. A pity you don’t understand Greek, on Youtube you can find much about his programs.
        In Greece the television is a kind of a shaded-lamp. It is on, it doesn’t matter what program, and nobody is watching. Leventis you don’t mis. Greek television is in general very interesting, because news in Greece is many times differed news than we have. Most channels are absolute rubbish. Women with tarot cards, Horoscopes, sport, conspiracy theories, etc. Leventis is just one of the idiots with his one show.
        @Pim, it was “The unbearable lightness of leaving Greece” It’s about νοσταλγία, homesick.
        Everybody who has spent a longer time in an other country become a child of two nations. She is talking about the pain about what is happening in her country. The toyshop, her cave of Aladdin, and the bookshop what have been closed when she was not there. How hard it is to see the brain drain.
        There’s always something missing. It is like you have two lovers.

        It is very hard to describe the not-touristic Greece. It is a compleet different way of life. And a compleet different mentality. Sometimes you understand thinks, sometimes not.
        But at the moment you are in Greece something chance inside you. It is the smell, the complet atmosphere. The people are usually very friendly and helpful. When you speak Greek they are most times interested in you and your country, elder people many times don’t speak english out site the touristic areas.


    • It wasn’t freely available for me.

      Would be great if papers either resorted to more flexible rules, obviously the 1$ for four weeks doesn’t help me much. I doubt I will use it during this time, and after maybe forget?

      But I am pleasantly surprised that you didn’t even need to look him up Vassilis Leventis, Cicciolina? Would Jeff Koons marry him and use him for a sculpture?

      Greece is an very expensive problem for us, taxpayers. Nothing more or less. That is absolutely not the fault of the Greek population, but of european geopolitics and Greek politicians.

      I do recall Greek’s enormous hospitably, or stories about it, so that was you relating your holiday experiences earlier? I have absolutely no doubt as life changed matters changed too.

      what’s the student story about in a nutshell?


  2. Copy of post on my blog
    Tsipras 2.0


    Tsipras 2.0 equals Tsipras 1.0 minus its most noisy dissidents, with very little loss (just a few seats) to its parliamentary majority as it was before the dissidence, and with few changes to his cabinet.

    I think that, for the Greek population, it’s the very best of potential outcomes (doesn’t happen often in politics): it’s the team that negotiated and signed the third Plan for Greece’s Recovery & Growth (aka M3) and coached it through Parliament, and they now also have an unambiguous popular mandate to do what needs to be done.

    Insofar I can judge, Pavlos Eleftheriades has a clear view on reality as it is:
    (1) he understands the (sometimes dark) undercurrents of Greek society and politics,
    (2) he understands the inner workings of the EU machinery,
    (3) he dares speak his mind, often backed with references to factual evidence, and IMHO without resorting to ad hominem attacks or paranoia.

    Here are some of his articles written before and during Tsipras 1.0 (and 1.1). It should be kept in mind that he’s affiliated with To Potami (center-left opposition).

    2014-10-22 Fortune : Why Germany is the Eurozone’s Biggest Free Rider

    2014-Nov/Dec Foreign Affairs : Misrule of the Few

    2015-Feb-11 Project Syndicate : Syriza’s Dark Side

    2015-Feb Berliner Republik : Hoffnungsträger Syriza? Nein!

    2015-Apr-22 Policy Network : The Real Case for Greece

    2015-Jun-10 OpenDemocracy : Are Syriza Progressive Reformers or Cynical Populists?

    2015-Jun-11 Verfassungsblog : The Unfair Eurozone

    2015-Jul-01 Verfassungsblog : Greece: Voting for or against Europe

    2015-Jul-10 The Telegraph : Greece is a victim of its own cronyism and corruption

    (End quote)


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