Grexit Daily News -ALERT- 8 July 2015

grexit daily news

8 July 2015  —  Meeting called to legalize Grexit

Are you wondering why there has to be a meeting of ALL EU leaders on Sunday? This is a meeting of the European Council (Heads of state or government of EU countries, European Commission President, High Representative for Foreign Affairs & Security Policy).

An all hands meeting is needed to give legal effect to a Grexit decision. It has been suggested that, because of urgency, a unanimous agreement by the European Council leading to the issue of a European regulation, could be sufficient to allow for Grexit, despite the legal uncertainty that this could entail.

This is extremely important. It means that the ‘institutions’ have decided that Grexit is a viable path and they are trying to legitimise it. How Grexit could become legal is explained here.

The referendum has changed everything. The Europeans are willing to cut Greece loose. This is now a matter of National survival. Tsipras needs to offer a set of proposals the Europeans cannot refuse, or it is game over. There is no doubt.


game over


5 thoughts on “Grexit Daily News -ALERT- 8 July 2015

  1. I hope that EU and the Greek Government will find a solution for Greece to stay in the EU.
    What I really fear is a repositioning of Greece closer to Putin’s Russia.


  2. jan says:

    Forget Putin, Forget China, believe me, Greece doesn’t want this! Much more terror!

    1) what should be a proper plan to be presented by Greek government to EU?
    – a safety net for al people in Greece with most severe poverty problems (any EU citizen should have basic needs)
    – cut government work force
    – a healthy plan so people actually pay taxes like we do in Northern Europe (actually, I think in N-EU we should have smaller governments and lower taxes)
    – BUT: how to make the Greek economy a healthy engine?? Anyone? Tourism industry, ok but what else??

    2) Many N-Eu people and smaller EU countries say: ‘Grexit’! But do we just leave Greece in the complete shit then? Total Chaos and imploding economy and money traffic already more than today?
    I don’t think this is the way in the civilised world in 2015

    3) If Grexit: the other EU countries take the loss and then? What does this mean about the EU? Is it stronger then or weaker?

    4) it is not impossible that when Greece leaves the EU, implements the Drachme, after a very bad period a new economic miracle will happen, this has happened before.
    This is what many EU politicians hope whlst buying time.

    I have made comments earlier here a couple of days ago. And my comments were too harsh, because I was very pissed off by the NO referendum.
    So sorry for that.

    A very shitty situation indeed. Let’s take losses and start again on a good plan and work hard.
    The sun allways shines in Greece. It is raining in The Netherlands right now. At least you got the weather in Greece!

    Best regards and good luck to the Greek people and all EU citizens


  3. The cancellation of the 28 heads of state meeting on 12.7.15 is fantastically good news! Downside is that it drags these ‘negotiations’ into another week with the banks scrapping the barrel, even to stuff ATMs with the capital controls in place.


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