YES, for our Dignity

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In this post, Kalypso Nicolaïdis, Professor of International Relations at Oxford, and Othon Anastasakis, Director of the European Studies Centre, St Antony’s College Oxford, explain how a ‘yes’ vote in tomorrow’s Greek referendum is a choice for dignity rather than fear, as canvassed by the No campaign.

The SYRIZA government claims that a No vote in the referendum is about dignity. A Greece that can say no, no matter the consequences. A Greece that can at last resist creditors’ demands, just as its national heroes of yesterdays resisted the Italian and Nazi invasions.  For many Greeks, – supporters of SYRIZA-ANEL-Golden Dawn – today’s no echoes the OXI in 1940 spelled out with trees on the hillside of Epirus for the advancing enemies to behold. Seventy five years later, they think that will show the world that they can still take the heroic stance.   Against such a no, according…

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One thought on “YES, for our Dignity

  1. A fine example of the good old Greek tradition of sophistry!

    Let us call the humiliation of having to yet again agree to a deflationary adjustment program which will bring further misery a YES vote for Dignity.

    Let us transpose the fear vote onto the YES vote even though there is certainty that Greece will be plundered and raped through below market asset sales and regressive taxation. No need to be fearful of that, it is in the IMF programme you vote for with a YES.

    Let just blank the economics out completely in this argument.lets talk about faith, trust, credibility and a government of unity, then the Germans will take us seriously at the negotiating table.

    You got to be kidding – but if you believe it, vote YES, by all means.

    Should you be interested in the economic arguments, please read my website, and change your mind to NO:


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