Grexit Daily News – 30 June 2015

grexit daily news

30 June 2015  —  We vote YES to Europe, No to Tsipras’ fake Greferendum

Unfortunately, today will go down in history as the day when Greece’s long winded car-crash met with the wall. Greece failed to pay the IMF, was downgraded to Default status by the credit rating agencies and begun the process of cascading defaults.

Tomorrow the ECB will decide whether to withdraw ELA from the Greek banking system. A decision to end it means banks will not reopen with the Euro as the national currency.

When Tsipras announced his despicable referendum, I was of the view that it ought to be resisted, boycotted, so that it was denied legal effect. The events of the last couple of days have demonstrated that the legal effect of this Greferendum is irrelevant.

The referendum has become a way to assess where the Greek people stand in relation to Europe first and Euro second. I am changing my recommendation therefore from abstaining to voting YES.

This vote is not on Tsipras’ laughable suggestion that we should vote on a non existent, not available, foreign language, unintelligible technical set of documents. The vote is on choosing whether the country should seek its future as part of Europe or whether it should degenerate into some sort of Balkan soviet, run by fanatics and ideologues that set out to exterminate the very people they seek to save.

Believing Tsipras now is equivalent to joining a cult. You think your pride is winning and your sovereignty is ascertained, while you are being robbed and raped.






3 thoughts on “Grexit Daily News – 30 June 2015

  1. Randall says:

    I think even if the Greek electorate votes “yes” and Tsipara resigns, there is no viable economic future for Greece within the Eurozone, and that investors will see this and withhold investment until there is genuine debt resolution. I don’t see Germany budging on this issue in the near-term future, and therefore don’t see anything but bailouts and austerity for Greeks, and second-class citizen status if the ‘yes’ vote wins. At that point, it looks like the best hope for Greece is that the Eurozone itself will fall apart shortly, providing an escape.


  2. I have not heard any opinion polls on the “no” “yes” split, so I presume they must be heavily in favour of the “NO”, as otherwise the mainly oligarchic Greek media would have published these opinion polls. So here is not going to be a yes vote.

    Yesterday you asked for elections, who would, do you think be elected? Syriza,. of course. With a higher majority than last time.

    So you might as well vote “NO”, strengthening T+V’s negotiating position.

    And both Juncker and Merkel tell you so:


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