Grexit Daily News – 16 June 2015

grexit daily news

Special Grexit Issue – A Reader

16 June 2015

#GrexitDailyNews features today a special collection of posts on Grexit to guide you through the Armageddon that can possibly visit us soon.

If you are looking for information on Grexit, what it is, how it could come and what it will bring, you could start by reading a post on the rules of the Eurozone/EU in relation to exits (see here). After becoming familiar with the murky legal background, you will be worried about the economic effects. Would Grexit bring down the whole of the Eurosystem? Opinions are divided here with some (see here) suggesting that Grexit would cause trouble for the ECB balance sheet, and some (here) suggesting that it would not make an inch of a difference. What would impending default and Grexit mean for normal people trying to run their business? This is best explained by looking at capital controls (see here).

Do the people arguing in favour of Grexit know what they speak of? This post (here) suggests not, but you never know, if you think hard about it (and read this), you may also become a Grexit lover (or not).

After Tsipras’ Parliamentary address today, I would say good night and good luck.




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