Tsipras and the Syriza mandate

Thank you for this, mighty interesting. This is not my impression from talking to people in Western Greece, then yet again it will depend on socio-economics as much as anything.


A week touring Crete is a delightful experience. The people are the best Greeks. Speaking to people in our Cypriot-Greek elicited a positive and open response. Moreover, we understood each other, which is not always the case in Athens where the demotic Greek language of Homer was ‘cleaned up’ some years ago and banished to the Islands. The conversation always ended up on the subject of the debt crisis and Syriza and Tsipras. It was interesting, frank and consistent. Tsipras cannot yield to the Brussels group because he does not have a mandate to yield. The population would rather leave the euro.

Crete may not be a good sample of Greece and my sub-sample of taxi drivers, waiters, tour guides, hotel staff and the like may not be a good sample of anything. However, the consistency was notable. Moreover, the diversity was striking. Many were God-fearing Orthodox nationalists that would…

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