I live here, yet I cannot vote


I have lived in England since 1996. I love this country and I have voted in every local election since I arrived, yet I cannot vote in UK national elections. In an election that has been mostly about Britain’s future in Europe, I think all the Europeans living here, making a contribution here, would like a say. We are committed citizens and care for the future of this country.

Do you agree?




2 thoughts on “I live here, yet I cannot vote

  1. James says:

    My mother lives in France – she emigrated in 1989. She is still a British tax payer, but the United Kingdom says she has insufficient connection to the UK for her to vote (Boston Tea Party? No taxation without representation?). The French will let her vote in local elections, but not national ones.


    I agree



  2. You are an inhabitant, not a citizen. Hence, no voting in national elections. You have a vote in local elections, national elections in the country you are citizen of, and the European elections. I would say that’s plenty of opportunity to influence politics.


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