For fragments, and not debts, we are

Greek Left Review

by Thanos Zartaloudis • 25 February 2015 published at Critical Legal Thinking

We are epicurean fragments and not debts, our life is not the life of rights (as debts that will never be paid), but of their use.

It may be the case that one could note the peculiar appearance of the thinking minister. A thinking minister is not suddenly a liberated or a good minister, but at least a minister who thinks and does not just administer or govern; thus maintaining for a number of possibilities previously and thoughtlessly curtailed. What possibilities? Not towards this or that eschatological or even other more modest end but towards good living. A living that cannot be separated from the good, and a good that cannot be separated from the living. For the potentially good minister may have realized, after all, that there is no sovereign master to whom his ministry owes its…

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