An ordered Grexit is economically desirable for everyone willing to lose political face

Making the case for Grexit… perhaps

Real-World Economics Review Blog

from David Hollanders

Many ponder the desirability of a Grexit. There is a heterogeneous group, including the right-wing German party Alternative for Deutschland and the left-wing of Syriza, who agree that a Grexit is optimal. On the other hand, Greek finance minister Varoufakis and the European Commission – for all their other differences – agree that a Grexit is to be avoided. The optimality-question of a Grexit can be broken down into three questions. Should Greece have entered the EMU? Now that it has, is an ordered exit optimal? If so, can the same be said of an unordered exit? Even if one disagrees about the answer to the third question, the first two questions should be answered affirmative. All parties involved – Greece, banks, the EC, ECB and the E(M)U – should thus agree on it. That is, if they are willing to lose face, for they have…

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