May Election: The country’s best kept secret

There is a general election coming up in the UK in May 2015, but you would not know it unless you watch one of the late night political shows, like Newsnight on BBC. At a time when the European periphery is getting all excited about elections and the power of democracy to actually do something for once (Syriza in Greece, Podemos in Spain), the British elite is going through another of its stylistic, content free, zero impact election campaigns. Voter registration deadline is 20.4.15, but how would you know? It took some googling to get it and I knew what I was looking for. It is (to use a Nigel Farage expression) baffling.

At the same time, the offerings are so sad, that you may be excused for taking an ‘apolitical’ stance.

You are offered “Grumpy Austerity” (Cameron), “Smiley Austerity” (Clegg), “Austerity yes, but we thought of the NHS” (Miliband), “We are red, but look better in green” (Greens) and “I think foreigners are to blame for my problems, not the austerity pushed by a predatory ruling class” (UKIP).

Sad really, but still the total lack of campaigning a few months before a national election is… baffling.




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